Remodel Q&A

Benefits of Using a Licensed Contractor

When searching for and picking a contractor make sure you find one that is properly licensed, bonded and insured.  Michael E. White holds all (4) licenses needed to complete most remodeling projects (millwork, general, plumbing, electrical).  Many contractors who advertise or do work only hold a millwork license (to install doors, windows and cabinets) but not any of the other licenses that may be needed.  This means that these contractors are really only allowed to perform VERY minimal work in these additional areas.  If you need to install an island in your kitchen, have outlets moved, a new circuit panel, have plumbing moved, etc. you will need to have that work performed by someone licensed in that trade.

There are many contractors out there that are more than willing to underbid licensed contractors.  However, please keep in mind that you, the homeowner, are putting yourself and your home at risk if you choose to hire one of these guys to do the work.  It may seem like a good idea at first and the saving may be tempting, but you may end up being liable for any unlicensed work they perform on your home and may end being stuck with much larger bill in the end if they don’t complete their work. You may even have a lien placed on your home if they purchase materials to use on your home but fail to pay the vendors.  Listed below are the benefits of using a licensed, bonded and insured contractor.

  1. LICENSING – licensed contractors are trained and tested in their area of expertise.  With a licensed contractor from Nevada you also know you are hiring a reputable contractor registered with the state.  When you hire a licensed NV Contractor you also have access to the **Residential Construction Recovery Fund (see below for more info) which helps protect you as home owner in case the contractor does not finish the work he started or causes damage to your home in the process of performing work. 
  2. BONDING – In Nevada ALL contractors MUST BE bonded at least up to their monetary limits.  This is another level of protection for you the home owner against any damages that occur as a result of work being performed on your home.  If the contractor you are looking at says he is not bonded, than he is not properly licensed either.
  3. INSURANCE – When a contractor says they are insured it can mean one of two things.  Either they mean they have workers compensation insurance or liability insurance.  The law requires all contractors to have workers compensation insurance for their employees and for them to require any sub-contractors they oversee to provide it and keep it on file if they have employees.  Liability insurance is not required but is an added level of protection for you the homeowner.  Michael E. White maintains both workers comp and liability policy’s.    

**RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION RECOVERY FUND – payment may be available from the Residential Recovery Fund, if you are damaged financially by a project performed on your residence pursuant to a contract, including construction, remodeling, repair or other improvements, and the damage resulted from certain specified violations of Nevada law by a contractor licensed in this state. To obtain information relating to the Residential Recovery Fund and filing a claim for recovery from the Fund, you may contact or find out more information at the Nevada State Contractors Board Website by clicking HERE.