Remodel Your Kitchen Today & Put Some WOW Into Your Home

Kitchen remodeling is the best way to get more value out of your Las Vegas home.

Is it time to give your kitchen an upgrade?

Why not reward yourself! Start cooking and entertaining in the kitchen of your dreams and impress your friends while your at it!

There are many compelling reasons for remodeling your Las Vegas kitchen today -

Cabinets or kitchen counter-tops getting old, no longer reflect the look and feel you would like for your home

The kitchen feels cramped, not set up in a way that makes cooking easy and enjoyable

You want more counter space (adding roll out trays, under counter microwave, cabinets that go up to the ceiling are just some ways to get the counter-space you desire).

You want more lighting to brighten things up (while your at it, have us install some of those awesome new LED under counter lights!)

Add glass doors to the upper cabinets and some really nice lights to give your kitchen that elegant and impressive feel

Add an island and/or a bar top so that you add chairs and entertain even more guests

You may want room to add new appliances like a double oven, a nice warming draw to keep your food warm, OR nice wine rack or one of those fancy wine refrigerators

Add a large pantry (so you can finally store all those food items that have been cluttering up your other cabinets)

Removing that annoying pony wall; Build a full wall and add more cabinets; Take down a wall that is in the way to make the kitchen more open so you don't feel isolated from your guests while preparing food

Add a new sink, make room for a larger refrigerator or install a really nice oven or under-counter microwave

Existing counter-tops tough to keep clean? How about replacing them with fine granite or stone countertops? And, while you are at it how about adding a beautiful backsplash to add even more wow to your kitchen design.

Add some nice stone or wood flooring to really add those finishing touches to your awesome new kitchen!

There is a reason why Las Vegas's most influential residents, sports figures, and even Hollywood stars have trusted Michael E. White to remodel their homes! If you want to impress, hire the contractor that thousands of Las Vegas residents have trusted with their own remodeling projects since 1999!


Remember, don't let your dream turn into a nightmare! Do not shop on price alone! Experience, licenses and insurance help give you the peace of mind that your remodeling project will stay on track and within budget. Michael E. White is a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor with over 40 years of experience in the remodeling and fine carpentry business.